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Emotional Support Systems

Before and after an eye enucleation or evisceration

Support and counselling before and after an eye procedure is very important. The trauma or disease that has occurred to bring about an enucleation or an evisceration can be a very difficult experience to come to terms with.

To allay the fear and apprehension of the surgery the patient should be informed of all the various procedures entailed in the evisceration or enucleation. Good communication between the eye specialist or ocularist is imperative and the nurses who will be involved in the procedure. This will help the patient to feel confident in asking any question that may be bothering him. The patient should know about any possible pain there could be after the procedure, the ways they can deal with it, and also what they can expect to see when they look in the mirror after the surgery.

The emotional and general health of the patient should be taken into consideration before the surgery and also the support base they have to help them through the difficult times that will inevitably arise. A member of the family should be invited by the patient to be involved in the pre-operative process and the post-operative process or failing that a close friend who can be there to call on for emotional support. If neither family nor friends are available for this role then the ocularist or eye specialist can advise on a buddy support system.

After the surgery the patient needs a lot of reassurance from their support group. Post-operative care and advice on minor issues that may crop up should be addressed to the ocularist or eye specialist

The degree of shock to the body through this kind of trauma can be great and can affect the patient negatively. Counselling may be necessary to help a patient accept the outcome of the traumatic experience. People heal in different ways and in differing time frames; no one should be forced into healing faster than he/she can cope with. Support and counselling are aids to help the patient find an acceptance of the situation in an easier and more positive manner.

Help is always available and there is no need for anyone to suffer through a trauma of this nature alone. Your ocularist is there to help and advise you on any aspect of these surgeries that may be of concern to you.


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