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Information on Scleral Shells/Haptic Lenses

In the event of severe eye trauma an eye specialist will examine the injured eye and give his opinion on the best way to go forward. The eye specialist may need to refer you to an Ocularist who can help provide you with an eye prosthesis if this is needed. This could be either a complete eye prosthesis (post enucleated – removal of eye) or a scleral shell of Haptic lens that will cover a defected ptisical eye.

Haptic Scleral shells/lenses provide a cover over the blinded eye that creates a look a natural appearance allowing you to feel confident when out in public.

An impression of the ocular cavity is taken resulting the best possible fit to provide comfortable wearing of the eye prosthetic lens. An exact replica of the Colour of your iris and veins of your natural eye is painted and copied onto the Scleral lens allowing the overall cosmesis to appear natural.

A lot of care and attention goes into producing scleral shells and especially in ensuring that the shell fits correctly. In some cases orbital reconstructive surgery may be needed in order to correct orbital defects. These corrective surgeries will improve the fit of the scleral shell.

Your confidence, and self-esteem need not be affected by the trauma of having an eye removed or a disfigured blinded eye. Help and advice available to assist you in trauma related issues and with a good support system you can continue to lead an enriching happy life you deserve.


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