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Sight Trauma Relief

Being afflicted with a visual impairment due to disease or accident can make your life seem quite futile and hopeless but there is help out there for you if you require it.

The Gauteng Provincial Government, Department of Health and Social Development have initiated a Rehabilitation Service for those who need to find some help in what seems a difficult situation.


The Tshwane Region, Johannesburg and Ekurhuleni all have teams of people available to offer the help that is needed.

Art Eyes who deal with prosthetic eyes and scleral haptic shells can point you in the right direction to this service also.

There are optometrists who can help with diagnoses for conditions that are causing visual impairment problems.  They can prescribe optical assisting devices or show you how to use these various aids.  If you are totally blind they can provide sighted people to act as your guides and also teach you how to use a white cane.

Occupational therapists are made available to assist you with the many different skills needed to work around the home.  Cooking, baking, cleaning the home, doing the laundry and/or ironing.  Give help in the home, organising the marking of clothes and showing you other useful ways to identify utensils and even your medications.

There may be help needed with eating, using a knife and fork or even just pouring a drink.  They can help give you your life and joy back, helping you find the activities that you enjoy and will be able to cope with.

Lastly there are social workers that can give you counselling to help you accept your impairment and give you the hope for the future you may have lost.  The social workers can show you the opportunities you still have available to you in the community and in other areas of your life.  They can show you that you can still participate fully and still feel a productive member of society.

This wonderful service that the provincial government has made available to the visually impaired is something that is greatly required and aids where help is not always thought to be needed. It gives life and hope back to where it is appreciated.

Whatever visual impairment you have, it should not stop you enjoying your life to the full. This information gives you the knowledge to help yourself, or, if you are a normal sighted person, be able to pass this information on to someone that you know needs this kind of help, so they too can also get the benefit of this service and have the full life that they are meant to have.


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