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Artificial Eye Maintenance

Losing an eye is an emotive event in one's life.  When you have been through the trauma of the surgery and then had an artificial eye inserted, you must then know how to take care of it or this in its self will cause you more problems and more unnecessary stress.

You must make up your mind to see your ocularist regularly; twice a year at least, this will stop any major problems from coming to a head and keep you feeling comfortable with the new eye.  A prosthetic eye can last up to 5 years with good maintenance discipline. 07_2011

As with contact lenses your prosthetic eye needs to be polished regularly to restore its lustre and to keep the surrounding tissue of the eye from contracting giant papillary conjunctivitis.  If the prosthetic eye becomes loose this also can cause irritations and give you a weepy socket.

Cleaning the prosthetic eye you must at all times wash your hands before you handle it.  Place a towel in the bottom of the hand basin just in case you drop the eye and this will stop any damage being caused to the prosthesis.

Wash the eye with mild soap and clean water, then rinse it thoroughly making sure there is no soap left on it to cause irritation.  Then rub it carefully with a wet tissue and dry it with a clean lint free cloth or tissues.

You cannot use alcohol or any chemical cleaner on the prosthesis as even the smallest amount will cause you irritation and damage the eye.  Hairspray, aftershave, perfume or peroxide are substances you should also not have near or use to clean the artificial eye.

The tears of your eye contain protein and this protein builds up over time which can eventually cause an irritating reaction under your lid.  To ease this you can soak the prosthesis in contact lens cleaner for a few minutes then rub hard with a wet tissue.  If the irritation still occurs you must see your ocularist for a check-up.

Swelling, irritation, or any kind of discharge should be a warning that things are not well and you must go to your ocularist.

Overtime the tissue around the eye can change, the prosthesis can be scratched and when you feel uncomfortable with the eye, these are the times that will warn you that your artificial eye may need to be changed.

Your ocularist is your friend and they are there to provide you with any help or advice they can give you to make your life easier living with an artificial eye.


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